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Opening in February 2013 Post Road Bistro is a modern casual restaurant serving American fare with Spanish and West Indian influence.

Post Road Bostro started as a small catering company Drunken Sushi Catering featuring Delilah's Delectables in 2008. Childhood friends Saraea Alston - Leslie and Delilah Aponte- Burnley went out for dinner and spoke about one day being self employed doing what they loved; for Delilah, it was baking & for Saraea it was cooking comfort food with a twist.

The two made plans to make their dream a reality so when a last minute opportunity came about to cater a wedding they jumped at the chance. Receiving outstanding feedback from wedding guest as well as the bride and groom the two were then referred to others and catered many events bringing them closer to their dream of self employment.

In 2010 after speaking with her husband about leaving her full time to follow her dream Saraea began scouting for a place to call her own. late 2011 the search was over, Saraea was lead to a small diner in Trainer Pa. Deciding Otis would be the first of many tiny eatery's she asked her friend Delilah to take the leap with her.

The decision was made after they remembered words of both their family members when opportunity knocks open the door.

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Creamy Seafood Alfredo

Creamy Seafood Alfredo

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Creamy Seafood Alfredo

Creamy Seafood Alfredo